Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cross Roads!!

Different sphere, different life
Long lost souls and Innocent love..
Like an unexpected accident,
They met at an internet café!!
Their twinkling eyes met...
Just like Yesterday...........
 While they walked around the memory lanes
Spreading miles of smiles..
He held her hand and said..
Let’s walk around the street, till the dawn sets in
Beyond expectations, beyond boundaries!!
Let me play you a love song..
And make it up for the time lost
Let’s make a memory to live
Before its dawn!!
She looked in to his eyes feeling lost..
Tears rolling down her cheeks. 
Thinking of life in real , biting her lips..
She says, What if I make a horrible mistake?
I don’t know which way to go..
When the path is unknown..
We are at the CROSS-ROADS!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Moments n Melodies!!

My heart beats faster than ever,hands tremble
Turmoils of emotions flow like a river inside my brain
That moment, I think of you
My eyes shine, face brightens up with a smile
Those moments of happiness and joy
I feel calm and pure...
You make me happy but
More than that I feel real in the moments with you
Wished those moments to stand still forever...
Now the time is ticking and those moments
Again seems like a giant dream...
Before I realise it's a sun raise, you will be moved away by the waves of life  like a ship back into the ocean
I am thinking to myself....
you and me are notes of music, different rhythm,different beats ...
But melodies of the music and magical moments!!

Smita Bhat

Friday, March 24, 2017

Cavernous Inside!!

With all the grey cells in my mind,
I thought I had seen the world
The calm of the green,the thunder storm,
Sound of the ocean,
the assorted populace,concrete  buildings,
the odd and the evens but
What I haven’t figured out is your mysterious mind
All your perfect imperfections keep surfacing
Like a drift of the ocean, like a jigsaw puzzle
like a perennial river, like a haunted beast!
I wish I could get inside to uncover
What is that you seek?
unknown fear, restricted life ,left alone in confusion
irrational fear of commitment,experiences from the past?
What’s your song?
is it "no promises" or "live by the moment"?
I wish we spoke in words of fluent honesty
With no breaks or shutters
Wish we can keep it as simple as binaries(zero's n one's)
And liberate this feeling of blue
In my chaotic mind..!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adieu November!

The day turns gloomy and sleeps in the mist
From morning to the midnight to see,
Only the beam-less pale full moon!
No sun burning my skin but 
My mind is crowded with full of juvenile thoughts..  
The long walks, the endless conversations,
The sangria nights after the first kiss,
The road trip to the magical moments..
while Singing the song of grey as if there is no tomorrow!
Wish the clock stands still to craft more reminiscences,
Before it fades to the dark!!
They say it’s a month of death!!
Ah!! November,
Bidding goodbye to you with December hopes,
While I sink in the heap of memories to cherish!!

Friday, February 19, 2016


I was standing still
Leaving all those turmoils
Without any noise, feeling cold
Peacefully deserted...
You came along as a desert rain..
Washing off the empty feeling inside
With new hopes n dreams
Making me feel happy high!!
Wished to pause there to get lost
Living in that moment forever...
Time flies...moments pass
 I am still standing there feeling empty inside ..
Without those moments...thinking to myself
Peacefully deserted!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Innocent Age!!

Little shiny eyes of you
Keep following me through
Searching for something  deep
Cant understand what that is
Still my adrenal rushes its high
Every time you look me through
Innocent age, difficult to understand
 The feelings from those deep eyes
Still keep waiting to see em again and again
For the short adrenal pleasure
Behind those mysterious eyes......
I was  too innocent to understand
The deeper feelings , i dwelled on it for days
Still unclear , like a jigsaw  riddle.
Time runs and life changes....
You forget it just like any other dream..
Ah!! That innocent age.....!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Silent sleepless night

Here Im .. with flow of disconnected thoughts

I lay here and think of the directionless path

Little less conversations.. 

when blank walls of my room smile at me

 I smile back at them and try to explain

The turbulence of the mind and the heart

They laugh at me, I look at them

And the expression of design

Think, I no longer connected to earth by my roots

I am comfortably numb..

Still awake, inside the cocoon!!!